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Lessons - Putting

Lesson #1 - Putting the ball straight

This lesson will teach you how to put a golf ball on a green in the exact direction were you want to ball to travel. This lesson will require your putter, a couple of balls, a practice green, a straight edge (piece of material , wood or metal, 50mm x 50mm and approximately 1.5 meters long) and two irons.

Start this lesson by placing the straight edge (in line with the hole) approximately 1 to 2 metres away from the hole. Take a golf ball and place it just out from the middle of the straight edge. Using your putter, try to sink the ball by using the straight edge as a guide. If you miss the putt, move the straight edge to counteract the break that caused the ball to miss the hole. Continue this lesson stated above until you sink 3 balls in a row. After this you can move the straight edge further away from the hole or move the straight edge around the hole to enable the putt to have different speed and break properties. Even if you sink three ball in a row, it is advised to putt at least 5-10 balls in each location. The use of the mechanical aid (straight edge) will train your brain and muscles to take the putter back and through the ball, which will increase the chance of you putting the ball in the direction that you want it to go.

After you have used the straight edge in about 5-10 various locations around a hole, replace the straight edge with two irons from your bag. Instead of using the straight edge as a guide, use the two irons (which must be placed in parallel and 10 mm wider than your putter width) to guide your putter straight back and towards the direction of the hole. It is vital that when using the iron club as guides, that the putter must not touch the iron shaft’s. This will further train your brain and muscles to perform straight putts without the need for mechanical aids (the straight edge). Conduct this lesson in various locations and distances around the hole numerous times, until you can consistently putt the ball in or close to the hole. During this lesson it is vital to think and visualise (see routine in Golf Tips) for every putt you perform, so that you can learn the properties of the green (speed and break).

Lesson #2 - Increase accuracy of your short putts

This lesson will teach you a process for you to become more consistent, confident and accurate with short putts. around the green For this lesson you will need 12 golf balls, your putter and a practice green that has numerous challenging hole locations.

Before you start this lesson, you must inspect every hole location on the practice green and rank each hole according to its difficulty. A flat hole location with little too no break can be considered as easy, while a hole location that is located on a ridge or slope may be labeled as a difficult hole. During this lesson you will alternate from the easiest hole through to the most difficult. This progressive change in increased difficulty will provide the most optimum process for you to become more consistent and accurate with short putts.

To start this lesson, you must place a group of three golf balls around four directions of the easiest hole on the practice green. In each direction a ball must be placed approximately 0.5 metres, 1.0 metres and 1.5 metres from the hole. Once the ball placement has been undertaken, you can start by putting the closest ball in any one direction (preferably the easiest direction) into the hole. In order to goto the next ball that is further away from the hole, the previous golf ball must be holed. Once all three balls in that direction have been holed, you can retrieve these balls and start on a new direction. This process can be carried out for every direction around the hole, making sure that in order to proceed to the next direction, all three balls in that direction must be holed successfully in a row. Once you have holed each ball in every direction, you can continue to the next more difficult hole and so on, until you have completed this lesson on the most difficult hole location on the green.

To get the most out of this lesson, it is vital that you perform every putt with a specific routine (see routine in Golf Tips). This will train your brain and muscles to consistently perform accurate short putts whilst in any given scenario on any green. The reason why you hit three golf balls from 0.5 metres, 1.0 metres and 1.5 metres away from the hole, is to give you the feel, which will in turn train you brain and muscles, about which direction and speed to hit a ball around any hole location. With anything, practice makes perfect, so in order for you to improve dramatically at your short putting, you need to practice.


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