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Quick Golf Tips To Improve Your Game

These quick golf tips can help hone your golf swing, get more distance off the tee, hit your irons with more consistency, shoot lower scores and even fix that troublesome slice. Our team of golf instructors is committed to helping you play better golf - and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Five Easy Steps For Fixing Your Slice

There is nothing golfers fear more than the dreaded slice. With the proper technique, however, your slice can be a thing of the past. Les Miller helps identify easy fixes you can implement in the different stages of your golf swing, from address position to follow-through. ... full article »

Lower Your golf Scores Without Changing Your Swing

Improving your score is a simple matter of using your head when you play a round of golf. Most golfers, regardless of their skill level, fail to properly think their way around the course. So read the following tips, and see those scores come down. ... full article »

Keep On Plane While Driving and Hit Longer, More Accurate Drives

If the golf club gets a little under or above the plane line as it approaches impact - without being excessive - that is acceptable, writes instructor Andrew Rice. But if you are under the plane line approaching impact, you will be hitting pushes and hooks; too ... full article »

10 Golf Tips To Help You Maximize Your Distance Off The Tee

From keeping 60 to 70 percent of your weight on the right foot at address, to taking a slightly wider stance, to teeing the ball higher and moving it forward up by your front toe, Les Miller offers 10 tips to help you get more distance off the tee. Remember: Swing the club fast, not hard! ... full article »

Tips and Drills To Improve Your Ball Striking

Achieving solid contact tends to be difficult for many golfers; it's what separates the pros and better players from average to higher-handicap golfers. The good news is that, if you experiment with the accompanying tips and drills ... full article »

Hold Your Club Properly To Improve Your Short Game

The biggest mistake I see in most golfers is that they hold the club way too loosely in their fingers and way too firm in their arms. This creates poor control of the club and forces them to use too many muscles in the swing. ... full article »

Juice Up Your Irons For More Distance

Do you need a 7-iron to hit the same spot others hit using an 8- and 9-iron? If so, you could be costing yourself strokes. Obviously, hitting shorter clubs into the green is obviously easier than hitting longer clubs into the green. ... full article »

Five Tips On Gauging Yardage

Yardage markers on golf courses are usually accurate. But we've all played on courses where they weren't. Or, we've found ourselves in positions where yardage markers can't help. When that happens, it behooves you to determine distance from the pin. ... full article »

Adding Pizzazz To Your Wedges

Looking to add some pizzazz to your wedges? Learn to take good divots. Weekend golfers tend to swing their irons with a long sweeping swing. That encourages them to pick the ball off the ground. ... full article »

Attacking The Pin From 100 yards

If you watch the pros carefully, you'll notice that they play aggressively, especially when they're within 100 yards or so of the pin. When they're that close, they go for the green whenever the opportunity presents itself. ... full article »

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