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Srixon Tri Speed Golf Ball

Srixon Tri Speed Golf Ball

Srixon Golf has been quite the marketing machine lately, with their little evil golf ball ads, Jim Furyk and Henrik Stenson leading the tour charge..they are certainly making a name for themselves. I was asked to review the Srixon Trispeed golf ball and was thrilled to get my hands on them. I played a few sleeves of the Z-URS balls earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised with the performance.

The all new Srixon Trispeed brings multilayer performance to a broad audience of golfers. The Trispeed features Srixon’s proprietary soft, Energetic Gradient Growth core which provides highly efficient energy transfer from ball to club for a wide range of swing speeds, along with ideal high launch angle and low spin launch conditions. The mid-layer is made of highly resilient Rabalon® HR blended ionomer for enhanced ball speed. The soft Rabalon blended cover delivers an incredible feel with amazing velocity. Core, Mid and Cover – three layers, each designed for the one thing that directly translates to distance – Speed.

The Srixon Trispeed golf ball provides:
* Greater carry with exceptionally soft feel for players of all swing speeds
* Highly resilient, advanced aerodynamics for greater carry and distance
* Superb soft feel on all shots from tee to green
* High trajectory aerodynamics make it easier to get the ball airborne

The Trispeed is a pretty common looking golf ball. The Srixon logo is quite understated…no..there isn’t a big grinning smile with big teeth on the side. The alignment aid on the Trispeed is simple, and pretty effective. You may still want to draw your own line down the side. I still prefer the alignment aid on the cheap-o Top-Flite D2 balls, everyone should adopt an alignment aid like that!

Not that it matters much once it’s on the course, but the packaging is quite nice as well. To top it off, I’m not sure if this promotion is still going, but if you head over to your local Golfsmith and buy a dozen Srixon balls you’ll get a pretty sharp looking golf towel for free.

Performance and Feel
So, the Trispeed is a low spin, distance ball, essentially. It probably competes with the HX-Hot, NXT, e6 and to a much lesser extent, the Top Flite D2. Having played the D2 (Feel/Distance) and the HX-Hot a lot this summer, I will try to compare the Trispeed performance and feel to those balls.

In the month of July, I posted up a bunch of rounds in the 70s, while playing the D2 Feel and Distance balls (depending on the course/conditions). So I feel as if I have a fair amount of recent experience with those particular balls. Each ball has its merits, but also leaves a little to be desired. I found the Trispeed to be a nice blend of the D2 Distance and Feel. It felt softer than the D2 Soft and seemed to eek out the D2 distance a bit in terms of distance off the tee. A winning combination in my mind. If it had the same price point and the alignment aid, I’d be in ball heaven.

Earlier in the year, I was in love with the Callaway HX Hot. I spent a lot of time working on my 100 yard wedge game with that ball, and grew used to the somewhat harsh feel and lack of spin. I did, however, love how straight it was off the tee, and how far the ball always seemed to go. I never did feel comfortable putting with it though. At some point, I decided the D2 balls were worth a try, and never really looked back to the HX-Hot. Suddenly, the HX-Hot felt very hard compared to the D2 Feel….and well…compared to the Srixon Trispeed, the HX-Hot is a rock.

On the putting green, the Trispeed has decent softness to it. It certainly isn’t the Z-URS or a ProV1, but for a mid priced ball, it is pretty soft. Certainly softer than the HX-Hot or the D2 balls. Same goes for pitches and chips around the green. Hit the Z-URS then the Trispeed, and you will definitely feel the difference…the Z-URS feeling softer and generating more spin. But, you’re also looking at nearly twice the price. Compared to the HX Hot and the D2 balls, I much preferred the Trispeed on and around the greens.

All that being said, unless you’re a consistent ball striker, who keeps the ball very straight off the tee and is precise enough to benefit from a lot of spin around the green, I would stick with the less expensive 3 layer balls (like the Trispeed). You will find your mis hits on the tee fly straighter (the lower spin off the driver) and unless you have perfected your wedge technique, the ball probably won’t spin back any less than the expensive 2 layer balls.

If I had to rank the balls I played the most this summer, and trust me, this is NOT scientific, here would be my list:


* Srixon Trispeed
* Top Flite D2 Feel
* Top Flite D2 Distance
* Callaway HX-Hot

Iron Spin

* Srixon Trispeed
* Top-Flite D2 Feel
* Callaway HX-Hot
* Top-Flite D2 Distance

Driver Distance

* HX Hot
* Srixon Trispeed
* Top-Flite D2 Distance
* Top-Flite D2 Feel

With so many people playing Titleist, Callaway and Top-Flite balls, having a Srixon ball is a welcome change. They are very easy to identify, and you generally do not have to worry about anyone playing your ball by mistake. “Oh, that’s Sean’s ball, it’s the Srixon.” Though, given the performance of this ball, and the Z-UR line of balls, I imagine that may be changing. You’ll also find yourself saying ‘Get yo srix-on’ to yourself quite often.

If you’re looking for a nice combination of straight distance off the tee with your driver, and relatively nice feel off your irons and around the green…without breaking the bank…the Srixon Trispeed may be a great option for you. No your wedge won’t suck the ball back 20 feet like a ZUR-S or ProV1, but, with the right grooves (check out my Eidolon Wedge Review) you should be able to get this ball to check and stop pretty easy. You should be able to find the Srixon Trispeed balls for about $20->$25 a dozen at your local golf shop or perhaps slightly less on ebay. Similar in price to that of the Titliest NXT, the Callaway HX-Hot and Bridgestone e6.

Now, I need to get my hands on a set of Srixon i-701 irons!

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