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TaylorMade TP Red Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP Red Golf Ball

The TaylorMade TP Golf Balls have been created to measure up to the standards of the TaylorMade Tour Professionals. The TP Red is designed for a lower launch angle for optimized distance and control and the TP Black is designed for a higher launch angle for increased carry and distance. Whatever you are looking for in a golf ball has been born in the TaylorMadeTP.

-Larger than the TP Black (1.510"), the TP Red’s NdV4 Super-Core delivers high COR off every club for exceptionally fast ball speed and increased distance
-Thin (.55"), multi-blend ionomer mantle works with the core to promote tour-calibre launch angle and spin off the driver and irons for optimum distance and softer sound and feel
-Ultra-thin cast thermoset urethane cover provides tour-calibre greenside spin for shot-stopping control plus superior durability

-Advanced 322 PDP (pentangular di-pyramid) dimple design delivers optimum ratio of lift and drag to extend the back-half of ball flight for longer hang-time and carry and increased distance, while also promoting consistent spin and yardages from club to club and superb stability in the wind -TaylorMade logo is stamped on the seam for players who line up the seam with the target-line when putting

Review 1

The new Penta balls are great at first play...but they easily get scuffed up and their flight pattern is altered after that happens. They actually went farther than my usual Pro V1 balls so I was excited to have that extra 10 yards of distance. But after too many of them got scuffed and "flakey" I have chosen not to purchase any more of them.

Review 2

Having a faster swing speed(115+), I figured that these balls would NOT give me any extra distance. I was wrong. Completely. My average drive is around the 305-310 range, and with both the Black and the Red, my distance range increased to 310-315. The feel of both balls suits me much better. It isn't soft and mushy, and it isn't hard and clicky. It's in between. I also gained half a club with irons and wedges. Off the putter, the ball felt softer like the Pro V1x. Workability became even easier, even though I am a scratch golfer, the Tp balls were actually easier to control when it came to altering height. With my former Pro v1x, a spinner knock-down would balloon quite badly. With the Tp balls, the spinner knock-down is flat and still manages to spin back anywhere betwen 5-15 feet. Great ball. Try it.

Review 3

My old balls were the Nike ONE Plat and Callaway HX 56 Tour which I thought were great but as those are now discontinued I needed to find a new ball, and think I found it with the TP Red. I picked up a box to try out a new ball and simply love it. I normally shoot between 82-85 on my home course. Out of 4 rounds with this ball I shot 79 twice and the other rounds were 80 and 82. The ball is as long if not longer then the One Plats off the tee I also noticed better driver control the balls that tailed to the left stayed in the short grass. I also like the fact it produces a much lower flight over the Nike and Cally.

They have great feel off iron shots into the green similar to the HX 56 tours the ball feels like it sticks to the face a little longer giving great feed back. Also the ball flight remained nice and low. I thought they had great control chipping and wedge shots. Less spin then the Tour 56 and Plat’s but still enough to drop and stop on short wedges and back spin on full short irons. The roll off the putter was the most significant advantage I found over the other 2 balls rolled very true with excellent feel. My best putting of the year with these balls.

One of the rounds was a windy day and the ball held its line well and despite the wind the distance loss was not significant to worry about. The ball does scuff but so did the ONE Plats and HX 56 Tours so no big issue there I think that will occur with any premium soft cover ball. I would recommend anyone looking for lower ball flight and a good all around ball to pick these up. The price just dropped on them as well making it a great buy. I heard if you need the higher ball flight the TP Black is the one to try.

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