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Titleist Dt Solo Golf Ball

Titleist Dt Solo Golf Ball

The New Titleist DT SoLo features a soft compression, high velocity core and a soft Surlyn blend cover. This combination provides lower driver spin for long distance off the tee. The very low spin also helps golfers to minimize unintentional hook and slice sidespin for straighter distance. Unlike many other low spin distance golf balls, the DT SoLo still provides soft feel on all shots tee-to-green.

Review 1

Really only been playing golf seriously for the past few years. Make it to the course atleast once a week with the guys. I always used to use any and everyball that was on sale or found in the rough. Since started playing with a good quality ball that gives amazing consistacny my score has improved by a solid 5 to 7 strokes since ive gotten used to the dt solo. all my buddies use them also which makes for some creative ways to mark our balls. but its worth the hassel to be able to use a great ball at a modest price.

Review 2

Good quality ball that is well suited for good, not great, players. Low spin helped me keep drives in the fairway where I would hit a Pro V1x ball into the short rough. I had very good distance off the tee, probably averaging about 265. The ball's cover is not nearly as soft as the Pro V1 or Pro V1x, but where I would normally leave putts short with those balls, I was getting a good consistent roll off my putter head that seemed to suit my style better. I regularly shoot in the mid- to high- 80's but this ball helped me get down to an even 80 yesterday, and I would have done better if my back hadn't give me problems at the very end.

Review 3

I finally decided to invest in a "quality ball" midway through my third season playing this wonderful game and I have nothing but praise for this ball.The first round I played with the So-Lo the consistent playability of the ball,in all aspects, was evident after finishing three holes.I really felt comfortable and confident in striking knowing that my anticipated results would be realized.Off the tee it was straighter and 10-20 yards longer (I play links courses usually windy).Woods,hybrids and irons showed the same traits.I had to adjust my short game since I had played heavier balls.Once again the consistentcy of the ball was great.Stock DT's off the shelf gave me a true roll on undulating greens, no balancing required.Since switching to playing this ball exclusively there have been noticeable changes in my scores and statistics.I'm an average enthusiastic golfer.I play 20-25 rounds a season(6 months if we're lucky)swing speed in mid 80's.My typical drive of about 200 yards would fade perhaps 20 yards but with the DT it stays on line very nicely.

I highly recommend this ball for anyone who would like to step up to the next level.I was able to choose "shoots in the 90's" based on a big difference since I switched to the DT from your average golf ball .

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